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Neuronal tetrodotoxin (TTX) -sensitive voltage-gated Na+ channel inhibitor

Product Code: Asc-1873

Purity: >99%

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Biological Description

Neuronal tetrodotoxin (TTX) -sensitive voltage-gated Na+ channel inhibitor. IC50 values are 26, 150 and 338 nM for neuronal NaV 1.7, 1.2 and 1.3 respectively and >10 μM for muscle subtypes NaV 1.4 and 1.5. Introduces a significant upgrade to the pain threshold in vivo.

Useful References

Native Pyroglutamation of Huwentoxin-IV: A Post-Translational Modification that Increases the Trapping Ability to the Sodium Channel. abstract

Analysis of the Structural and Molecular Basis of Voltage-sensitive Sodium Channel Inhibition by the Spider Toxin Huwentoxin-IV. abstract

Synthesis and biological characterization of synthetic analogs of Huwentoxin-IV (Mu-theraphotoxin-Hh2a), a neuronal tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channel inhibitor. abstract

Chemical Information

ECLEIFKACNPSNDQCCKSSKLVCSRKTRWCKYQI (Modifications: C-terminal amide; Disulfide bonds: 2-17, 9-24, 16-31)

  • Desiccate at -20°C
  • MW 4106.00
  • Soluble in water
  • C174H278N55O51S6