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HERG K+ channel blocker and Na+ channel inward current inhibitor

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Biological Description

HERG K+ channel blocker (IC50 = 100-300 μM) and Na+ channel inward current inhibitor. Activates the AMPK signaling pathway. Inhibits Coxsackie B virus. Shows hepatoprotective and antiviral effects in vivo.

Useful References

Sophocarpine alleviates hepatocyte steatosis through activating AMPK signaling pathway. abstract

Sophocarpine attenuates the Na(+)-dependent Ca2(+) overload induced by Anemonia sulcata toxin-increased late sodium current in rabbit ventricular myocytes. abstract

HERG K+ channel blockade by the novel antiviral drug sophocarpine. abstract

Chemical Information


  • Desiccate at +4°C
  • MW 246.35
  • C15H22N2O
  • 6483-15-4