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VU 0238429

Selective, positive allosteric M5 modulator

Product Code: Asc-1307

Purity: >99%

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Biological Description

Selective, positive allosteric M5 modulator (EC50 values are 1.16 and >30 μM at M5 and M1/ M3 receptors, respectively). Shows no activity at M2 and M4 receptors.

Useful References

Discovery of the first highly M5-preferring muscarinic acetylcholine receptor ligand, an M5 positive allosteric modulator derived from a series of 5-trifluoromethoxy N-benzyl isatins. abstract

Chemical Information


  • Store at +4°C
  • MW 351.28
  • Soluble in DMSO to 100 mM and ethanol to 50 mM
  • C17H12F3NO4
  • 1160247-92-6