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Non-internalising ? opioid agonist

Product Code: Asc-147

Purity: >98%

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Biological Description

Selective ? opioid receptor agonist derived from the plant product, salvinorin A (Asc-084). Does not promote the recruitment of beta-arrestin-2 or lead to receptor internalization.

Useful References

(2007) A comparison of noninternalizing (herkinorin) and internalizing (DAMGO) mu-opioid agonists on cellular markers related to opioid tolerance and dependence. Synapse. 61:166-75 abstract

(2007) An opioid agonist that does not induce micro-opioid receptor--arrestin interactions or receptor internalization. Mol Pharmacol. 71:549-57 abstract

(2006) Synthesis of salvinorin A analogues as opioid receptor probes. J Nat Prod. 69:914-8 abstract


Ligand interaction binding site and G protein activation of the mu opioid receptor. abstract

Chemical Information

(2S,4aR,6aR,7R,9S,10aS,10bR)-Methyl 9-(benzoyloxy)-2-(furan-3-yl)-dodecahydro-6a,10b-dimethyl-4,10-dioxo-1H-benzo[f]isochromene-7-carboxylate

  • Desiccate at +4°C
  • MW 494.53
  • Soluble in DMSO to 100 mM
  • C28H30O8